Enid Collett

book cover            “Gunmen or not, we couldn’t afford  to lose all that money.”

This is The Enid Collett, the new Tamar Lifeboat at Shoreham. Funded bythe late Miss Enid Collett.

She would be so pleased if she could see it. I can almost see her standing proudly at the helm. Afraid of nothing and no-one; most definately a woman of tremendous courage, fighting off gunmen at the Gate theatre and all she said was “well we the Gate couldn’t afford to lose all that money”.

I think it amounted to about six hundred pounds, wages for famous actors Hermione Gingold, Robert Morely, Charles Laughton, Charles Hawtry to name but a few.

Most people on hearing the name Enid Collett think of the the new Tamar-class Lifeboat at Shoreham in Sussex. But little is known about the late donar of Cambridge. A quiet farmers daughter who was born 6th November in 1902 in Abbots Ripton in Huntingdonshire.

The Enid Collett cost £2.7 million pound to build. The all weather lifeboat and was funded by the generous donar it was named after.as said on www. Just two days after arriving at Shoreham on December the 10th 2010 RNLB Enid Collett was out on her first mission.

I knew Enid as her personal carer and companion. The stories she told me were fascinating. I would love to hear from other people who knew the unsung hero of  the theatre world.

Her life was full and meaningful and deserves to be shared.

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Test Your Psychic Ability

 Tonights the night we’re gonna have some fun!

At the Jubilee Centre in Mildenhall Suffolk. I will be hosting a Clairvoyant demonstration with a difference. I will be encouraging those who want to test their own Psychic abilities. it can be daunting at first but when you are with like minded people, it becomes fun. with me to help I can Gurantee it! No need to be shy. just come and listen to tips and stories on how to get started.

7.30 at the Jubilee centre.

£4 in advance or £5 on the door.

In aid of Cancer Research

07861708758 for details and booking

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The difference between Telepathy and psychic?

The difference between Telepathy and psychic?.

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Katelyn has started ballet school again and joh  reminded me

 ‘thats £3 you have togive me as well then.’ I looked sideways at him.

 I took johnny up the town while Katelyn had her lesson.  We went all round the town He had chips and fishcake for his tea and we make our way backwith katy’s chips under my arm. .

Well, we went all round the town and then stopped while  johnny  had hischips and fishcake for his tea. We  made our way back toward the dance hall, with katy’s chips tucked under my arm. we passed a new second hand shop on our way. the owner sat outside in an old armchair chatting to passers by. ‘ I want to go in there’ says johnny.

‘theres nothing for you in there! ‘  I said .

Two minutes later he had talked me into buying him a skatebord for two pounds and went skating down the path on it while I paid the man. i could see at once i had made a mistake! i flew down behind him and grabbed him before he spun out into the road. I could  have sworn I heard the shopkeeper and his neighbor laugh. 

 It was school the next day so it was left in the back garden out of the way. it was a lovely day and later that morning I stepped out of the back door with an laundry basket full of washing. one foot went on the skatebourd and I shot up the garden path like lightening! i kept my balance until I reached the gate at the end of the garden.

I was shaken but not stirred by my new experience.

 Could this be the start of a new hobby?

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How do you know its spirit not imagination.

Q. How do you know its spirit talking to you and not imagination.
Good question! Let me say first of all that mediumship could not work without your imagination.This is where spirit are able to put images words etc. The less imagination you have the harder to get through to you.
with practice you will also learn to experience the difference between the energies of Psychic and spirit. It is a knowing, a sensing, with practice you will get to know the difference. when a fully fledged medium is working they should be able to give exact evidence. Things no -one else knows about. Even if the recipient has to go and ask family etc. to check out the information. when it is proved right what better evidence could there be. No one could pick yhat from ones mind!

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The difference between Telepathy and psychic?


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Q. whats the difference in being Psychic or telepathic.

First of all i would like to say that it is also a psychic ability.

 Thier are many facets to psychicsm and this is one of them. Telepathy is an ability to use your mind and the mind of the person you are working with. So you pick things from thier mind.

Being Psychic is being able to read from a persons inner self and using your own psyche to do this. eg. reading the aura, reading a persons personal things jewelwry etc. This is psychometry. There are so many ways of using ones psychic abilities. Everyone is Psychic to a certain extent and with the proper training one can enhance all sides of this.

Being a medium is howeve,r totally different and this should not be confused with ones psychic ability.

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Question. What is meant by an old soul?.
People who talk about an old souls usually mean an evolved spirit who has returned to earth many times . It is quicker to evolve through hardships experienced on the earth than to stay at or in the spirit world’ and learn, but it is not essential. Each time one overcomes a great difficullty, one becomes more evolved. the more evolved the older the soul.

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