The Spiritualist Lyceum Union promoting good citizenship through the religion and philosophy of Spiritualism.

The Lyceum
Truth, Justice, Fraternal Love, Purity, Beauty, Music, Art, Health, Science, Philosophy and Spirituality.

In answer to Sonia Driscoll, Sandra Harris and others
“ Please explain, sounds intriguing”

In brief, you could say the Childrens Lyceum is similar to Sunday school within the church, but this is just on the surface of it. A Lyceum addresses all our needs of spiritual growth in Mind Body and Spirit
One of our great Pioneers in S.N.U. was Andrew Jackson Davis born in (1826-1910) New York was a trance medium. Whilst in trance he visited the spirit world, which he called The summerland.
He was particularly interested in the way that spirit children were being taught in the spirit world and thought that a similar training schedule could be used to teach the children on earth.
In 1866 he formed what was then, The Children’s Progressive Lyceum. In conjunction with Emma Hardinge Britain and Harry Kersey.
It was brought to England in 1866, later that Alfred Kitson brought the Lyceum to England and later still when they joined the foundation of The S.N.U. Of which they are still incorporated
Our children are tomorrows Pioneers. Whilst older members are a valuable source of wisdom, we can learn so much from the pure unspoiled nature of a child.
In todays world of corruption and unrest, it is necessary to bring in the children to lead the way the forward with the truths of Spiritualism.
The Lyceum promotes the truths of the S.N.U. through the teaching of the Seven Principles.
A Teaching school for all people regardless of age.
As well as our it spiritual needs, it also teaches the importance of our well being as a whole.
There is so much that I am still learning and I will admit that I have a very long way to go. But
for those who are willing to dig deeper you may like to try these books. They can be obtained from the
S.N.U.bookshop Burton End. Tel. 01279

This includes:-
The Arts
Inspiration through
Story Telling

So you see self development , in all aspects of our lives and spiritual growth.

Further reading

The Lyceum manual
The Magic Staff Andrew Jackson Davis (autobiography)
Alfred kitson (autobiography)
The Unwilling Martyrs

A 1920s illustrated postcard of Lily Dale, NY depicting the Andrew Jackson Davis Lyceum.

If I have written any facts that you believe are wrong or disagree with, please let me know as I am
open for discussion.

Emma Hardinge Britten
who co-produced the Lyceum Manual Emma Hardinge Britten was a famous Medium of the 19th century who spoke publicly and wrote prolifically to support the growth of the Spiritualist movement. Emma received the Principles of Spiritualism from the communicating Spirit of Robert Owen. A copy of the original Principles, in the bound volume of ‘Medium and Daybreak’ 1871, is on view at the Lyceum museum library in the U.K


About clearcutandcapable

About Clearcut :- because l like simplicity. Remove unnecessary jargon which is so often used to surround a simple truth in mystery and power. Everyone has a psychic aptitude waiting to be developed. Why complicate a simple philosophy. Life goes on whatever happens. I try to treat people in the way I would like to be treated myself and to be empathetic to a persons needs. All people are equal! I accept people for who they really are inside without any preconceived ideas. I believe whatever you give out comes back to you tenfold. Love and hate have the same degrees of strength, and are both very powerful. Sometimes I am right and sometimes wrong. Either way I soon reap the benefits or deficits. I have probably had more tragedies in my life than most people experience in a lifetime. However, l am aware that everyone experiences pain at different levels of tolerance. Never judge by appearance. In other words whatever happens, life goes on. You can’t stop the train and get off! So to get on with it and make the best of difficult situations is the only way forward. (of course after a bit of moaning, I don’t pretend to be a saint.) l love my spiritual work which l use with a developed sense of humour and empathy. Communication should be a happy and comforting experience. To sum up, I am grateful for the good things I have in my life. Most of the time I have happy with my lot. Now and again, I get discontented which I take as my cue to reconnect with the source. It’s short-lived and I am soon back on the right track once again. A most fulfilling life!
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