April 7th 2013 Working with my gift.

Yesterday, it  had been arrangedthat I would to go to a craft fair. I had promisedto help my freind Peter.  I was to man his crystal stall, while he was doing any crystal healings that came along.  I had not intended to do any other work however, I thought I would take my posters to advertise my evening of Clairvoyance on 27th April.  I slipped my Tarot cardsin my bag as usual. “just in Case.” but I was looking forward to a fairly leisurely day of socialising. it turned out however that at 9.45 there were still  no sign of any Tarot  or spiritual readers. kerry was worried. I told her i was a reade,r but i had specifically come to help man Peters stall. It was arrangedhowever,  that I could help if neccesary in between Petes healings. 

Well, it did not quite turnout like that.  Jessica turned up and kerry was grateful. Now she had two readers. Off i went respectfully, to introduce myself to Jessica. It may be that perhaps I would not be needed after all. Thats not the case at all Jessica assured  me.

“We get so  busy,  There areusually four of us working and still cant fit every one in”. so i was happy with that.  

I did not stop all day long, even still reading when everyone else had gone. No lunch, no drink. It was not until late afternoon, when Peter went to get me some crisps and lucozade, which i ate while i was reading. 

Talk abou work a willing horse!

It was, however, satisfying and rewarding.  So this is my first week of accepting every thing that comes along.

I may need to add a bit more to this promise and affirmation.

Maybe I should add “Within Reason”!

What do you think?


About clearcutandcapable

About Clearcut :- because l like simplicity. Remove unnecessary jargon which is so often used to surround a simple truth in mystery and power. Everyone has a psychic aptitude waiting to be developed. Why complicate a simple philosophy. Life goes on whatever happens. I try to treat people in the way I would like to be treated myself and to be empathetic to a persons needs. All people are equal! I accept people for who they really are inside without any preconceived ideas. I believe whatever you give out comes back to you tenfold. Love and hate have the same degrees of strength, and are both very powerful. Sometimes I am right and sometimes wrong. Either way I soon reap the benefits or deficits. I have probably had more tragedies in my life than most people experience in a lifetime. However, l am aware that everyone experiences pain at different levels of tolerance. Never judge by appearance. In other words whatever happens, life goes on. You can’t stop the train and get off! So to get on with it and make the best of difficult situations is the only way forward. (of course after a bit of moaning, I don’t pretend to be a saint.) l love my spiritual work which l use with a developed sense of humour and empathy. Communication should be a happy and comforting experience. To sum up, I am grateful for the good things I have in my life. Most of the time I have happy with my lot. Now and again, I get discontented which I take as my cue to reconnect with the source. It’s short-lived and I am soon back on the right track once again. A most fulfilling life!
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