Dirty Kids

My kids(my grandchildren) love getting dirty. Its a natural habit of theirs. I taught them to garden with an ulterior motive. You see ever since I took charge of them they were very fussy  eaters.  They had had some traumas before I leading up to the descision of coming to live with me.  I took them outside to the park every day. I was’nt really sure how to handle this new situation. It saved my sanity as well as the kids. i already had quite a nice roomy garden, so it was no hardship incorporating two boxes for the children to cultivate. ImageImage

firsrt of all i showed them how to transfer the earth from the bag of compost into the wheel barrow and into the box. I enjoyed watching them so much that this was my treatment for my anxiety.

They love to mess with earth and water making beautiful mud pies as i did when i was achild.

Reading this post brought back those memories of the ealier times!  




About clearcutandcapable

About Clearcut :- because l like simplicity. Remove unnecessary jargon which is so often used to surround a simple truth in mystery and power. Everyone has a psychic aptitude waiting to be developed. Why complicate a simple philosophy. Life goes on whatever happens. I try to treat people in the way I would like to be treated myself and to be empathetic to a persons needs. All people are equal! I accept people for who they really are inside without any preconceived ideas. I believe whatever you give out comes back to you tenfold. Love and hate have the same degrees of strength, and are both very powerful. Sometimes I am right and sometimes wrong. Either way I soon reap the benefits or deficits. I have probably had more tragedies in my life than most people experience in a lifetime. However, l am aware that everyone experiences pain at different levels of tolerance. Never judge by appearance. In other words whatever happens, life goes on. You can’t stop the train and get off! So to get on with it and make the best of difficult situations is the only way forward. (of course after a bit of moaning, I don’t pretend to be a saint.) l love my spiritual work which l use with a developed sense of humour and empathy. Communication should be a happy and comforting experience. To sum up, I am grateful for the good things I have in my life. Most of the time I have happy with my lot. Now and again, I get discontented which I take as my cue to reconnect with the source. It’s short-lived and I am soon back on the right track once again. A most fulfilling life!
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2 Responses to Dirty Kids

  1. Patsy Eaton says:

    This is lovely to see,bet they love watching things grow ? I also made lovely mud pies when i was small,oh i was a mucky kid !

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